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KeepMeTight –An Evolution in Shapewear


I Want My Body Back

Ladies, have you had a point in life where you've said, "Enough is enough. I want my body back." I don't think I am the only one. After Read more»

2013-07-12 11:18:38
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  • The Hour Glas is one of the best!!! It really holds in my stomach. It is especially helpful when working out as I don't have to suck in my stomach.

    U Snead    Alexandria,VA
  • Hour Glas keeps me looking great all day! Cinches in my mid-section for an hour glass shape while working, running errands and exercising.

    L Smith    Bowie,MD
  • Comfortable & easy to wear! Does the job without the discomfort of shapers I've tried. I can wear outfits that had been just hanging in my closet.

    B Bland    Temple Hills,MD
  • Finally! At 10 months postpartum, comfort is everything! I'm so glad I have this band. I'm no longer self-conscience about my belly when I go out.

    S Owens    Cary,NC
  • I'm excited about the Hour Glas. It's designed for personal comfort. It provides support and encourages better posture.

    A Smith    Bowie,MD
  • KMT isn't your regular shapewear. It's innovative. I wear it almost everyday & even in the gym during my workouts. It's unnoticeable under clothing.

    A Jones    Bowie,MD
  • I love it! It gives me that hour glass shape and drastically reduces my food intake.

    L Allen-Jones    Lorton,VA
  • I absolutely love my Hour Glas! It’s so comfortable, I often forget I have it on! Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

    T Dorsey    Upper Marlboro,MD
  • KMT has been great! I love this product & how it changes the shape of my body. I love most that it doesn't roll like Spanx. Ladies I recommend this!

    J Love    McLean,VA
  • I instantly fell in love with the garment's back support. The fabric feels good and is comfortable. I highly recommend to all women of all ages.

    M Baltimore    Bowie,MD
  • I was amazed by the lower back support and comfort I experienced wearing my Hour Glas garment during 10 hours of routine daycare activities.

    C Currence    Mitchellville,MD
  • Love the way it makes me feel and look. Just like an hourglass, so says the wonderful man in my life!

    S Lett    Temple Hills,MD
  • From the first moment I put my Hour Glas on I've been receiving nothing but complements.Most of all it's easy to put on & wear ALL day. KMT forever!

    S Miller    Bowie,MD
  • After wearing every day and night I definitely see a change in my body. My muscles have become conditioned to stay sucked in. It works!

    C Tyson    Clinton,MD
  • With the Hour Glas I really feel like a new woman. I can put on clothes that I haven't worn in years.

    N Fingal    Laurel,MD
  • Hour Glas (HG) provides support while performing heavy weight lifting & core exercises. See me @ work with the HG at http://instagram.com/p/m0XzwzD6cV

    L Bethea    York,PA